Is Full of Different Categories of Drugs

Is Full of Different Categories of DrugsDrug preparation is substance or combination of substances of synthetic and natural origin in form of drug formulation (pills, caps, liquid, ointment) which is taken for preventive measures, screenings, treatment of some diseases. There are different types of drug preparations namely drugs for central nervous system, for peripheral nervous system, for cardiovascular system, for respiratory system, for digestive system, antibacterial and antiparasitic drugs, antitumor drugs.
Drugs for central nervous system are drugs which are applied for general anesthesia, sleeping pills, analgetics, antifebrile agents, antiepileptics, excitor of central nervous system including analgesics. Analgesics stimulate the central nervous system activity and regulate ventilation and blood circulation. Psychoactive drugs are also included in this group and are used mental diseases treatment. Preparations for peripheral nervous system influence the functions of afferent nerves.
Preparation for cardiovascular system are drugs which stimulate the heart work. Such drugs are known as cardiac glycosides: anti-arrhythmia drugs taken if you have heart beat disorder. Respiratory stimulants, cough reliever drugs, expectorant drugs are included in the group of drugs for respiratory system disorders moreover drugs for bronchi widen in case of bronchial asthma are also in.
Digestive system is not less important in the man’s organism that’s why it is very important to sustain it. Appetizer and reducing appetite preparations, drugs used by gastric acid hypoacidity and hyperoxemia, choleretic drugs and purgative drugs are a part of drugs for digestive system.
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